The Discrete Versatility of the Safari Overshirt

When we decided to reissue a revised version of our 1960's safari shirt we were quite unsure about its usefulness in the contemporary world. After a few experimentations with materials, cuts and details however, we realized the exact opposite.    

Our “Lawrence” Safari Overshirt -whether you choose the linen, denim cotton or even the wool version for the colder months- is the perfect companion of the style-conscious gentleman. 

Its versatile character becomes apparent by the fact that it combines casual style with a sartorially smart look. It can be worn over a shirt with a necktie or simply over a T-shirt with a pair of cotton chinos and maintain its tastefulness.

Entirely hand-cut and sewn in our own workshop in Athens, it features four -two side and two breast- signature “Brocca”  pockets. Lines and curves work together to offer an elegant yet bold result.  Its iconic character comes from the meticulous craftsmanship and the careful selection of materials. The fabric has to offer the correct drape and to feel full in the hand, while the natural quality of the buttons is crucial as the final touch.     

One can understand it did not come as a surprise that the Lawrence has become one of the signature garments that comes out of the legendary Christakis workshop.