Collars & Cuffs

Every Christakis collar and cuff is hand-cut, hand-turned and sewn with precision. Thus in our bespoke service we offer an unlimited variety of collars and cuffs depending on one’s desires and needs.

Below are the most commonly used in our ready-to-wear series.


Our most frequently requested collar style and the one we traditionally use as a default choice for our Ready-to-Wear Shirts. Elegant, works well for most body shapes and the whole neck-size range. Perfect for classic neck-ties, it can be worn unbuttoned as well, for a more relaxed feel and look. Shop COMO Collar


A choice for many either for looks, to boast a wider tie knot or to create a more harmonical balance between their upper body and head shape. In the traditional Athenian circles this cutaway collar is also known as “Rex” .


Similar to the B.O.S. style, but scaled down to an all around smaller size. A fine detail, ideal for slimmer body types and different tie knot sizes. It’s an excellent alternative to the wing collar when worn with a bow tie.


Our “F” type collar is the widest one and a stylistically bold statement. A rich necktie knot is needed for this extra cutaway shape, along with a touch of self-confidence.

Button-Down II

Despite its sportive origins, the Button Down collar can also be worn with a tie inside a classic or modern suit. Always a perfect choice for a relaxed weekend’s day on the country or at marine environment, on its own or to compliment a blazer, wool sweaters and cardigans. Standard in our Weekender series.

WING Collar

The classic choice for black-tie, worn always with a bow-tie. Suitable for an evening shirt usually with hidden button placket. Shop evening Wing collar shirts.

Button Cuffs

One cannot go wrong with our button cuffs. Classy and casual at the same time, just button them and you are ready to go. They come with extra button hole  in case you want to wear a nice pair of CufflinksShop Button Cuff Shirts here.

Double Cuffs

Ideal for evening shirts, double cuffs are always worn with a nice pair of Cufflinks. Shop Double Cuff shirts here.