Bespoke Service

A total of approximately twenty-two body measurements & observations is required for a Christakis bespoke shirt to start being formed. Measurements however are not the only key to perfection. What matters most is the connection between the tailor and the customer. It is there that sartorial magic happens.

After thorough consideration among our team in order to combine the absolute numbers with the customer’s input and translate them to actual lines on the pattern, the draft shape is drawn. Every bespoke customer since 1947 has his own personal archive with our signature shirt-measurement coding system.

Then our cutter’s scissors take over. This is where dexterity is needed to precisely cut all the lines and curves by hand – no ruler or other device can actually do the work here. Our in-house workshop makes sure that every detail in the making is kept up to our standards. Thus every single shirt that boasts the Christakis label is as fine as our loyal customers have got used to for decades.

Christakis Made-to-measure Service

Explore the different possibilities that we offer through our made to measure garment service. Custom designed and sewn from scratch with top quality materials, our range includes suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats and overcoats. Choose between our suggested jacket constructions, from the classic British padded full-canvas to the contemporary Neapolitan soft tailored with minimal or no lining and “spalla camicia” shoulders.     

If you are interested in upgrading your style, whether it is for your business occasions, your dream wedding or even your own flair, our experienced personnel will take all the detailed measurements needed, demonstrate to you our large selection of fabrics and, of course, offer you every possible advice regarding a gentleman’s wardrobe.

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